Who uses Pedaltrain pedal boards?

Who uses Pedaltrain pedal boards?

Honestly, pretty much everybody you’ve ever heard of.  But we don’t kiss and tell.  We don’t do celebrity-driven marketing. 

We have a different philosophy: everybody is somebody at Pedaltrain. 

And we try to live up to that promise.  We provide everyone with the same great products, same great service and same great price. Ask around. It’s true. Heck we even make our advertisements from your Instagram pictures! And check out the #mypedaltrain page of our website.  See?  YOU are the celebrity at Pedaltrain.

Yes, Pedaltrain pedal boards can be found in the most exclusive recording studios, orchestra pits, on late-night TV, and the most high-profile concert tours – our artists are a veritable who’s who of world-class, A-list musicians – but Pedaltrain is equally at home in the practice room, at the local pub, in the garage jam or summer music camp.

Pedaltrain pedal boards. Where the music takes you.