Pedaltrain & Decibel 11 Announce Partnership

Pedaltrain and Decibel 11 Announce New Engineering and Product Development Collaboration

Companies Working on Huge Pipeline of New Accessory Products

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Pro Stage Gear, LLC, maker of Pedaltrain® pedal boards and accessories, announce a new engineering and product development collaboration with Decibel 11, a division of MYE Technologies.

The companies are planning a new portfolio of products including a full range of Pedaltrain-branded power supplies and related accessories. New models slated for development include a reboot and expansion of the Powertrain™ Series, an expanded Pedaltrain Spark line-up, new breakout products in the Volto™ series, and an all-new Pedaltrain NXT line of accessories. Decibel 11 will focus exclusively on developing devices for the Pedaltrain partnership.

Pedaltrain spokesperson Emily Krisinger says, “We’ve been working with the Decibel 11 team for two years, and it has been a great experience. Our new flagship power supply, Pedaltrain Spark, was engineered and OEM’d by Chris Hern and the Decibel 11 team. They took our product concept and elevated it to new levels. It was a true collaboration and we couldn’t be happier.”

Pedaltrain’s Spark ISO 1300 powers up to 13 pedals out of the box and features an innovative quick-installation system, enabling Spark to mount on, and move between, any Pedaltrain pedal board in 60 seconds or less.

“Decibel 11 sees great synergy between our engineering and manufacturing abilities and Pedaltrain’s global brand and reach,” states Chris Hern, Decibel 11 Vice President of Development. “We’ve decided to shift toward this opportunity and will focus exclusively on this strategic partnership with Pedaltrain. We look forward to collaborating on many exciting new products.”

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About Pedaltrain

Pedaltrain is a boutique independent musical instrument accessory manufacturer based in the Nashville, TN area. Musicians of all styles and walks of life rely on Pedaltrain’s patented designs to support, enable, protect and power the tools of their trade.

About Decibel 11

Decibel 11 is a division of MYE Technologies, an innovative OEM/ODM electronics design and manufacturing company that develops and markets advanced consumer, fitness, automotive, and pro-audio music products. MYE Technologies is based in Southern California with state-of- the-art production facilities in the USA and abroad.

2018 Product Guide

Download the 2018 Pedaltrain Product Guide with our full line of pedal boards, case options, Volto and Spark power supplies, accessories, bracket and pedal board selection guides, and product manuals.

Never Say Never

Never Say Never

We welcome and listen to your feedback.  Your input helps us grow and change in new and unexpected ways.  So, what have Pedaltrain customers been saying?

You have said two things:

1. you want a new professional quality soft case design (at a fair price)
2. you want genuine Pedaltrain Tour Cases as stand-alone products

Beginning October 1, 2017, we sell both - at and dealers worldwide. 



We enjoy wowing customers with incredible customer service.  It makes us happy inside.

Yes, we have dedicated staff in place to answer questions, solve problems and offer advice. Our product experts know the ins and outs of every Pedaltrain product, at levels of detail you can’t imagine.  It’s hard to stump them.

Endorsement Deals

Endorsement Deals

We believe Pedaltrain pedal boards are the best. Period. We say this with the utmost humility. 

We also believe that when you compare features to price, Pedaltrain pedal boards are an unbeatable value. 

So it doesn't matter if you are a kid buying your first pedal board or a world-famous guitar hero. At Pedaltrain, everybody gets the same innovative products, same build quality, same personalized customer service and...the same price. 

11 New Models Available Spring 2015


Nashville, Tennessee, USA – January 14, 2015 – Pedaltrain, the world’s most popular pedal board brand, has reinvented its product line for 2015 and beyond.

In a private meeting with some of Nashville’s top professional guitarists and bassists, the company revealed its new product range to resounding applause. 

New models include the Nano+, the three-model Metro Series, the three-model Novo Series, the refined Classic Series and its new large-format flagship pedal board, Terra 42. All will be released in early Spring 2015.

“We are true pedal-junkies,” says Pedaltrain President John Chandler, “we are deeply invested in our community and the needs of musicians who trust Pedaltrain to support, enable and protect their valuable gear. Our commitment is demonstrated in what we believe are absolutely the best Pedaltrains we’ve ever made.”

Pedaltrain highlighted unique design improvements like its new modified rail system, which improves the stability of smaller-sized pedals.  The company also demonstrated its portable grab-and-go Metro series and the true-bypass-switching-friendly Novo Series.  

The company’s vastly improved soft cases and new strength-weight optimized tour cases were a big hit, especially when it was revealed it’s new professional-grade cases now weigh up to 35% less than previous models.

“We enjoy a close relationship with our customers - from the touring professional to the student jamming in a garage band,” says Chandler. “Our new products incorporate their valuable feedback; each new model meets specific player needs. Only Pedaltrain has this deep domain expertise.” 

An Invitation to Experience The New Pedaltrain

(This text originally appeared in the February 2015 issues of Premier Guitar Magazine and Guitar Player Magazine.)

We’ve taken the best from our past and created something new:  eleven new models, four new product lines, all-new modified rail system, vastly improved soft cases, new strength/weight optimized tour cases and new light duty case options. All of this will be available for purchase in-store and online this Spring. If you’d prefer to cut to the chase, visit or to experience the reinvented Pedaltrain for yourself.

Before we tell you where we are going, we’d like to share a little about where we’ve been. The first Pedaltrain was invented almost 20 years ago. Back then, most players spread their pedals out on the floor and used two-sided tape to keep them in place. Thinking there had to be a better way, our founder, a professional guitar tech, borrowed a friend's welding tools and handcrafted the first Pedaltrain prototypes in his garage. Word spread quickly in Nashville, and the response was overwhelming: "where have you been all my life?!" And just like that, Pedaltrain was born. At the time, nobody could have foreseen that this invention would not only earn him a patent, but also effectively establish the pedal board category and make his designs the industry standard.

The modern pedal board owes a lot to our founder’s original, patented, design. The things we take for granted today simply did not exist then: substituting lightweight aircraft grade aluminum for wood, crafting a rail system for convenient audio and power cable management, inclined pedal mounting surfaces, universal power supply compatibility, integrated power portholes and under-side power supply mounting, mainstreaming of hook-and-loop pedal mounting, pedal boosters and affordable flight cases (formerly an expensive luxury).  Never mind the various Pedaltrain sizes and configurations we’ve introduced over the years.

As 2015 begins, we are reinventing ourselves and pushing forward with the best Pedaltrains ever.

First, our cases have been reinvented. You told us you want simpler, sturdier soft cases. We heard you loud and clear. All of our new soft cases feature a simpler, cleaner design with heavy-duty metal zippers and beefy pull-tabs. You will know them by the new sewn-in blue Pedaltrain logo.

Regarding our tour cases, you said two things: love the protection, hate the weight. Again, we listened and made changes. We’ve been able to lighten our cases by up to 35% without compromising toughness. Thanks to our new strength/weight optimized design, you’ll feel the difference as soon as you (or your tech) pick one up.

Let’s talk about our new Pedaltrain models.

We’ve replaced the Nano with the new Nano+. Nano+ features the same great two-rail design you’ve come to love, but with four more inches of awesomeness. Just enough for another pedal or two (or three, depending on pedal size). Our new modified rail system provides more hook and loop exposure to ensure an even-stronger bond with your pedals. And, as you might expect,  Nano+ is fully compatible with Volto, our award-winning rechargeable power supply.

We are also introducing an expanded three-rail series to replace the PT-MINI.  The Metro 16, Metro 20 and Metro 24 are designed for players who need grab-and-go solutions.  The Metro series offers maximum pedal mounting in a small, portable, package.  Our new modified rail system is included for enhanced pedal adhesion and stability. The Metro series is available with either our new soft case design or our new light-duty hard case. The Metro series is also Volto-compatible.

Next up, the Classic series. The Classic line represents our “classic” four-rail design and the Pedaltrain sizes you’ve come to love. The Classic Jr, Classic 2 and Classic Pro now have an open-front design (the portholes are history), resulting in flexible power supply placement and room for various after-market add-ons. The Classic series is available with our new soft case or new strength/weight optimized tour case. The Classic series is compatible with most third party power supplies and our own Powertrain 1250 and Volto units.

The Novo series is our all-new, five-rail, design. Featuring our new modified rail system and open front design, Novo is perfect for players who use true-bypass switchers or need an extra rail to accommodate a variety of pedal configurations. Models include Novo 18, Novo 24 and Novo 32. Like the Classic series, Novo is available with our new soft case or new strength/weight optimized tour case and is compatible with most third party power supplies and our own Powertrain 1250 and Volto units. 

Terra 42 is our new large-format Pedaltrain. Terra 42 has the new open front design and our new modified rail system.  It is the perfect size for true pedal junkies and permanent studio installations. Like the Classic and Novo lines, Terra 42 is available in either our new soft case or strength/weight optimized tour case and fully compatible with a variety of power supplies, including our own. By the way, this is the first time our large-format Pedaltrain has been offered with a soft case. 

Okay, so we’ve thrown a lot of change at you. But rest assured one thing will never change at Pedaltrain: our desire to delight you. We pride ourselves in delivering a great value and providing the best customer care in the business. Thank you for allowing us to support, enable and protect your gear wherever the music takes you.

Tell us what you think on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #mypedaltrain



Things We Will Never Do

Things We Will Never Do

We like to experiment and try new things. However, there are some things we will never do. Here are a few:

Pedaltrain pedal boards will never be made of wood. Why? Sure, reclaimed lumber or veneered plywood looks first. But wood warps, twists, and buckles when exposed to the heat and moisture inherent in performance environments and touring travel. Ever played a festival in Orlando during rainy season? Ever had a drink spill on stage? Good luck with a wooden pedal board. It will be ruined. Besides, they weigh a ton.

Volto Best in Show

Volto Best in Show

Wow.  Volto, our innovative rechargeable power supply, was awarded the Summer NAMM best in show award.

Pedaltrain VOLTO is an innovative solution for the pedal user on the go. Using cutting edge lithium-ion battery technology we have designed an efficient and super quiet alternative to traditional AC powered options. Volto has two 9 volt outputs which are capable of providing a total output power capacity of 2000mA.