Find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where can I find you on social media?

We’d love to connect with you! Follow us for new product announcements and to see the fun we have around the office. Tag us with #MyPedaltrain #MadeToRoam and let us know what you and your Pedaltrain are up to!

You can find us at the links below!

2. What Pedaltrain model is right for me?

Pedaltrains come in all shapes and sizes. From the ultra-portable Nano to the massive Terra, we’ve got just the board to meet your needs.

In fact, many of our customers have more than one pedal board. You can have a larger board to house your entire pedal collection and something light and portable for travel or rehearsals. Our design is so simple you can just grab what you need off of one board and pop it onto another!

This handy infographic can help you figure out which Pedaltrain products will work best for you. 

Then head over to and dream it up!

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3. where can i buy one of your products?

Our full line of Pedaltrain products can be purchased through our extensive network of authorized dealers across the globe. All major online retailers carry our products as well as hundreds of amazing brick-and-mortar stores. We can assure you that if a store carries Pedaltrain products they are the best of the best.

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4. How do i set up my new pedaltrain?

It’s incredibly easy to set up your new Pedaltrain. Just wipe down your new frame, making sure it’s free of all packaging residue, and use the Cut-Pull-Press method to attach the Hook-and-Loop fastener.

CUT the Hook-and-Loop fastener to the length you need.

PULL it tight, getting out any wrinkles in the fabric.

PRESS the fastener down onto the Pedaltrain frame slowly and evenly, from one edge to the other.

Here’s a video showing you how.

Our patented open frame design will make sure that your pedals will always stay in place. The rail system provides at least two attachment points for each pedal, with two separate hook-and-loop connections. This feature actually holds things in place much better than one big surface area with one wide strip. You can rest easy knowing your pedals are secure. 

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5. Where do I mount the power supply?

That will depend on which Pedaltrain pedal board you own. 

If you have one of our flat models in the Nano and the Metro series, our Volto will mount effortlessly underneath using the included adhesive-backed Hook-and-Loop material. Because these boards are flat with very little clearance, it is impossible to under-mount larger power supplies. That said, you can top-mount any power supply just like you would any pedal.

Our inclined models in the ClassicNovo and Terra series will allow you to mount VoltoPowertrain 1250 and just about any power supply on the market under the board with little or no modifications necessary. We sell brackets to mount most models under these boards.

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6. Which brackets do I need to mount my power supply?

With Volto and Powertrain 1250 there are no brackets necessary! Both power supplies are designed to fit perfectly under our boards and mount with either our Hook-and-Loop fastener or with four screws.

We sell two types of brackets to mount other power supplies:

The PT-VDL-MK (Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit): This bracket will mount all Voodoo Lab Power Supplies underneath the Classic, Novo and Terra series of inclined boards. 

The PT-UNI-MK (Universal Mounting Kit): This bracket will mount most other brands of power supplies underneath the Classic, Novo, and Terra series of inclined boards. 

For instructions on how to install our brackets, check out our step-by-step instructional video and downloadable installation guides.

Still unsure which bracket kit fits your needs? Here’s a helpful infographic on all of our brackets.

If you have one of our smaller, discontinued boards (PT-JR, PT-1 or PT-2) and need brackets, don't worry. We have a stash of the BRKT-1 (Voodoo Lab power supplies) and UBKT-1 (most other power supplies) in our warehouse. Check with your favorite Pedaltrain retailer. If they don't currently have them in stock, just have them reach out to our sales team. 

If you have one of our larger, discontinued boards (PT-3, PT-PRO or PT-GRANDE) and need brackets, you can use either the PT-VDL-MK or discontinued BRKT-2 for Voodoo Lab power supplies or the PT-UNI-MK or discontinued UBKT-2 for most other power supplies. 

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7) How long does the Volto battery last and what pedals will it power?

Volto’s battery life will vary based on the total current draw of the pedals you are powering. The more pedals you use, the faster the battery will discharge. 

Volto provides reliable and long-lasting power for analog pedals, the kind that use traditional 9V batteries. It is NOT intended for high-draw digital pedals (i.e. Strymon, TC Electronic or Line6 multi-effect units...).

Rule of thumb : If it has a place for a 9V battery, Volto will power that bad boy.

To learn more about Volto's capabilities, go here

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If you’ve lost the supplied charger and/or cable, you can use any mobile phone charger and appropriate third-party cable. Volto 2 (black) uses a micro-USB cable.  Volto 1 (white) uses a mini-USB cable.

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9) Where can I get more velcro?

Our adhesive backed Hook-and-Loop material is available for purchase here.

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10) What is the warranty on my Pedaltrain products?

All of our Pedaltrain boards come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. 

All bags, cases and straps carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

Volto is covered under a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. 

Powertrain 1250 has a five-year limited warranty. Please email here to register for your warranty.

All warranties are extended to the ORIGINAL OWNER and exclude normal wear and tear. Be sure to save your receipt! 

Rule of Thumb: If the new item you purchased wasn’t in perfect shape, we’ll make it right. If your bass player ran it over with the van, it might be time to get a new bass player.

If you need to make a warranty claim, contact us here and someone from our Customer Service Team would be happy to help you. To speed up the process, include some pictures of the issue you are having and a copy of your receipt.

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11. Can I buy a new case for my pedal board?

We do not sell cases as stand alone items, just as a bundle (board + soft/tour case + accessories). 

We strive to give you the best value for your money and believe that keeping the cases and boards together is the best way to serve you. 

If you wish, you can read an in-depth explanation here.

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12) I have a suggestion or question. How can I get ahold of you?

We love to hear from our customers! You can reach us anytime over at our contact page or by emailing us here

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13) Do you have an artist endorsement program?

One of the benchmarks of our company is that everybody gets the same product for the same price, whether the next gig is the Superdome or Uncle Jerry’s BBQ. 

We don't have a traditional artist endorsement program. We do, however, occasionally sell products directly to artists when special needs or circumstances arise. These circumstances are exceedingly rare. 

But let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be doing what we do if we didn’t love music and the people who make it. The best way for us to support the music we love is to make a great product for a great price.

We love to see the places Pedaltrain gets to visit as you take on the world. Tag us on social media and let us know what you’re up to!

For all artist inquiries we can be reached here.

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14) How can I become a Pedaltrain dealer?

It’s pretty easy. If you’re in the United States, just email us here. Someone from our Sales Team will get back to you shortly! 

For international dealer inquiries you can reach us here.

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15) I am an international reseller. Where can I buy Pedaltrain products in my territory?

We have the privilege of working with the best distribution parters in the musical instrument business.  Find the distribution partner in your territory here.

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