Find answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are you guys?

We are a small, family-owned business in the Nashville, TN area. We work hard, pay our bills and provide good wages and health care for our employees. A few of us were professional touring and session guitar players in our former lives and we bring that experience into all of our product designs and customer service.

Our founder invented the Pedaltrain design in the 1990's while he was a professional guitar tech. That classic design, which seems obvious now, was revolutionary at the time. We continue to run the company on this basic idea: To meet the needs of musicians simply and efficiently and with long-lasting value.

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2. What size Pedaltrain do I need?

Pedaltrains come in all shapes and sizes. From the ultra-portable Nano line to the massive tone vault of the Terra, we’ve got just the board you need.

In fact, many of our users have more than one pedalboard. A larger one to house your collection and something light and portable for travel or rehearsals. Our design is so simple you can just grab what you need off of one board and pop it on another!

Some folks want their boards perfectly packed, others like to leave room for future pedals or to change configurations on the fly. There’s no wrong way to do it.

This handy infographic can help you figure out which Pedaltrain products will work best for you. 

Then head over to the PedalBoard Planner and dream it up!

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3. Can I buy a new Soft Case or Tour Case by itself?

We do not sell cases as stand alone items, just as a bundle (case, board, velcro, etc). That is the way they are shipped from our factories and doing this helps us keep costs low.

It sounds crazy, but selling cases separately would actually RAISE the costs of all of our products. 


Well, this would add twice as many products to our supply chain. We’d have to double our warehouse space, our shipping and freight expense, add people to the staff… all to move empty cases around the world. We’d either have to sell the case by itself for almost as much as the bundle or raise prices on everything else to cover what we would lose on selling cases by themselves.

What we’ve realized is that you can get an amazing quality Pedaltrain board and case for cheaper than you could get a similar case by itself anywhere else. As a company that strives to give you the best value for your money, keeping the cases and boards together is the best way to serve you.

If you wish, you can read an in-depth explanation here.

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4. Does the Hook-and-Loop Fastener really hold all my pedals in place?

Yes, and for a few reasons.

One reason is our patented open frame design. The rail system provides you with at least two attachment points for each pedal, with two separate hook-and-loop connections. This feature actually holds things in place much better than one big surface area with one wide strip. We won’t explain the science – physics, friction, torque, etc. - just know it is real.

It’s easy to get your new Pedaltrain ready. Just wipe down your new frame, making sure it’s free of all packaging residue, and use the Cut-Pull-Press method.

CUT the Hook-and-Loop Fastener to the length you need.

PULL it tight, getting out any wrinkles in the fabric.

PRESS the Fastener down onto the Pedaltrain frame slowly and evenly, from edge to the other.

Here’s a video showing you how.

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5. Where can I buy a Pedaltrain?

We don’t sell products direct from our site, only through authorized dealers. All major online retailers carry our products as well as many amazing brick-and-mortar dealers. We do our homework before we work together so we can assure you that if they carry Pedaltrain they are the best of the best.

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6. What is the best order for my pedals?

There’s really no way to answer this, because what works best for you won’t work best for the next player. There are a few general rules of thumb, though.

Fuzz and Wah pedals often HAVE to go first, because their design requires the specific impedance coming out of the guitar. So you’ll probably want those there. Most players then go with their EQ and compressor pedals, followed by drive and gain pedals. Some folks like to use compression after gain, though, so mess around with them in different orders and see what you like best.

Typically, modulation effects go next. Phasers, Tremolo, Rotary, Vibrato, Chorus. Those guys. Delays and reverbs tend to be last in the bunch, taking the tone and wrapping it in echo-y, gooey goodness. Often, these pedals have stereo outputs that, if you’re using them, only work at the end of your chain anyway. 

This is by no means the way you have to do it, but if you’re new to the world of pedals, this order is a good place to start. 

You could also look up photos of the rigs of players you love and see how they do it.

But really, no one defines your tone but you. There’s no right and wrong. And because of the simplicity of the Pedaltrain design, you’re free to move them around anytime you want to try something new!

Our best advice? Head over to and map out your dream layout before you begin.

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7. Where do I mount the power supply?

You can put a power supply anywhere you’d like, but many Pedaltrain users prefer to mount theirs underneath the surface of the board. 

All new Pedaltrain models (including our flat models like the Mini, Nano, Nano+ and Metro series) will accommodate Volto, our rechargeable battery power supply.  Volto also ships with two strips of our adhesive backed hook and loop material to use in mounting to your Pedaltrain.

Also, all inclined Pedaltrain models (this excludes our flat models like the Mini, Nano, Nano+ and Metro series) will accommodate Powertrain 1250 without the need for any extra mounting brackets.

We think it is self-evident that our flat Pedaltrain models will not accommodate mounting large power supplies underneath (the boards are flat, with very little clearance underneath).  However, you can top-mount any power supply on our flat models - like you would for any pedal.

Lastly, all inclined Pedaltrain models (this excludes our flat models like the Mini, Nano, Nano+ and Metro series) will accommodate most any power supply available underneath with little or no modifications necessary. We sell brackets to mount most common models.

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8. Which brackets do I need to mount my power supply?

For our Volto and Powertrain 1250 you don’t need any! These are designed to fit perfectly, with either our Hook-and-Loop Fastener or with four easy screws.

For other power supplies, we sell two models of brackets. 

The PT-VDL-MK (Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit) mounts all Voodoo Lab Power Supplies underneath the Classic, Novo and Terra series boards. 

The PT-UNI-MK (Universal Mounting Kit) mounts most other brands of power supplies underneath the Classic, Novo, and Terra series boards.

You may run across our older kits, the BRKT-2 and UBKT-2. These are actually the same as our current line, but we’ve changed the name for clarity. The BRKT-2 (like the PT-VDL-MK) mounts Voodoo Lab Power Supplies and the UBKT-2 (like the PT-UNI-MK) mounts most other brands.

For instructions on how to install our brackets, here is a step-by-step instructional video.

Still unsure which bracket kit fits your needs? Here’s a helpful infographic on all of our brackets.


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9. What pedals can I power with Volto?

Volto provides reliable and lost-lasting power for analog pedals, the kind that use traditional 9V batteries. It is NOT intended for high-draw digital pedals (i.e. Strymon, TC Electronic or Line6 multi-effect units).

Rule of thumb : If it has a place for a 9V battery, Volto will power that bad boy.

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10) How long does the Volto battery last?

Volto’s battery life will vary based on the total current draw of the pedals you are powering. The more pedals you use, the faster the battery will discharge.

These are only estimates, because the exact time depends on your specific pedals, but we’ve found that a board with five or six pedals, one of them being a digital delay or verb, will last about 8-12 hours between charges.

Two or three pedals tend to go 16-20 hours.

But again, these are our estimates based on the various setups we’ve used for our own gigs. We love the Volto and find it super useful for small analog boards. It works for larger and more varied power needs, as well, but that’s not really what it’s designed for, so just be aware.

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11) My Volto doesn’t seem to be charging. What’s up?

A couple questions for you. Have you charged the Volto for a full 6 hours to make sure it was completely charged before use? Are any of the LEDs lit?

Volto is equipped with short circuit protection. If you experience a short circuit and the unit shuts down during use, simply plug in the charger and power cable again to reset your Volto to full operational capability.

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12) Can I use a phone charger for the Volto?

Volto 2 (black) uses micro-USB and our older version Volto 1 (white) uses mini-USB. If you’ve lost the supplied power cable you can absolutely use any appropriate third-party cable and mobile phone charger.

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13) Can I plug a “wall wart” into the Powertrain 1250?

Yes, but... not directly.

The Powertrain 1250 is built with an IEC input and output, so you can link more than one unit together. This is meant for our larger boards or linking two separate boards. You can, however, use a third-party IEC power cord adapter from that output for the power supply you need. 

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14) Will Pedaltrain ever make a removable lid version of the tour case?

We hear this idea a lot and, at first, it seems like a good one. However, our experience has taught us that a case with a hinge is best. 

Why? If you’ve ever had a TSA agent or customs official accidentally unlock only one side and lift the lid, you know why. The “back side” hinges have just been destroyed. And you are now duct-taping your case together for the next 10 days of your European tour. C'est la vie!

We’ve seen this happen to so many cases over the years and we think our current design is simply the best way to protect your gear. (And isn’t that really what a case should do?)

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15) Will Pedaltrain ever make a wood version?

We have seen some beautiful boards out there made of wood. They are works of art and we’re fans of the way they look and the people who make them.

But they’re really heavy. And they warp, twist and buckle as you travel or even just leave them sitting in a poorly ventilated room. 

For us, the art is in making something light, simple and affordable. And that LASTS. 

We love seeing photos of our boards after 1000 international flights or fifteen years of sweaty, greasy club gigs. Beneath all that dirt, grime and spilled beer? That Pedaltrain frame will still be good as new when you’re ready for your band’s second reunion tour.

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16) Can I order a custom case?

For the same reason we don’t sell our cases by themselves, we’re only set up to build the cases that fit our Pedaltrain products specifically. This helps us keep our prices as low as possible.

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17) Where can I get more velcro?

Our adhesive backed hook and loop material is available for purchase RIGHT HERE.

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18) What is the warranty on my Pedaltrain products?

All of our Pedaltrain boards carry a lifetime warranty to the ORIGINAL OWNER. (Save a copy of your receipt!)

Powertrain 1250 has a five-year limited warranty. Email here to register for your warranty.

All bags, cases and straps, as well as our Volto power supply, carry a one-year warranty to the original owner. 

All warranties exclude normal wear and tear.

Rule of Thumb : If what we sold you wasn’t in perfect shape, we’ll make it right. If your bass player ran it over with the van, it might be time to get a new bass player.

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19) I bought a used Pedaltrain. Is it still under warranty?

All Pedaltrain warranties are for original purchase only.

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20) Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?


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21) I have a suggestion or question. How can I get a hold of you?

It’s a big deal to us that we are known to listen to our users. Many of the improvements and new features on our current Pedaltrain boards came directly from hearing from you. 

You can reach us anytime over at our contact page or by emailing us here

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22) I just bought a new Pedaltrain and something isn’t right. Can you help me out?

Of course! We want every user to have the best Pedaltrain experience possible and will make sure the product you buy is everything it’s supposed to be.

Just contact us here and we’ll take care of you right away.

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23) Somebody online said something nasty about you. can you explain?

The internet can be a dark place and it can provide an outlet for the worst in people. Though we’re a small, family-run company, we’re just big enough to have a target on our back and, occasionally, that dark side of the internet decides to aim its cynical mud at us. We do our best to ignore it and never comment in response. Rumors breed when you feed them, but we believe the truth reveals itself.

We work very hard to be an upstanding, honest, generous and kind company. We pay our bills, treat our employees well, and constantly strive to be better. We make a product we believe in for a very great price. If something we did wasn’t right, we make it right. Every time.

Sometimes people have expectations no one can possibly meet. Sometimes people are just angry and we’re conveniently nearby. Sometimes people new to the gear business unknowingly step into trademark and patent situations they don’t understand. In every situation we strive to treat people fairly and respectfully, and usually end up making friends in the process.

Anyone who’s had a legitimate warranty claim will tell you they’ve had amazing customer service and we have fantastic relationships with fellow gear companies, large and small. We believe we make the best product in the market and we want to give you the experience to match. 

In the end, we keep working hard so that you can grab your Pedaltrain and make great music that drowns out the haters.

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24) Do you do artist endorsement deals?

One of the benchmarks of our company is that everybody gets the same product for the same price, whether the next gig is the Superdome or Uncle Jerry’s BBQ. So we don’t do “artist endorsements”.

We do, however, occasionally sell products directly to artists when special needs or circumstances arise. These circumstances are exceedingly rare. 

But let’s be honest, we wouldn’t be doing what we do if we didn’t love music and the people who make it. The best way for us to support the music we love is to make a great product for a great price.

We love to see the places Pedaltrain gets to visit as you take on the world. Tag us on social media and let us know what you’re up to!

For all artist inquiries we can be reached here.

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25) How can I become a Pedaltrain dealer?

It’s pretty easy. If you’re in the United States, just email us here. You will need a credit card and agree to our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. A representative will get back to you shortly! 

For international dealer inquiries you can reach us here.

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26) How do I work at Pedaltrain?

We have the best staff in the world and try to make this an amazing place to work. We’d love for others to join us, but we don’t currently have any openings.

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27) Where can I find you on social media?

We’d love to connect with you! Follow us for new product announcements and to see the fun we have around the office. Tag us with #MyPedaltrain #FreeToRoam and let us know what you and your Pedaltrain are up to!

You can find us at the links below!